Listing Category: Sculpture

Shotridge Studios

For over 20 years, Israel Shotridge has been creating traditional and contemporary Tlingit art for public, corporate and private art collectors. You will view many traditional and contemporary Tlingit-style totem poles, ceremonial masks, bentwood boxes, bulge bowls, canoes, relief panels, … Continue reading

Shellback Design LLC

Artists Statements: I’ve been working on a new series titled “Tendering Balance” which was inspired by the multiple meanings of the word tender. A tender is a small boat that tends to the needs of a larger boat. To tender … Continue reading

Rebeca Schumacher

I am currently/always obsessed with creating Goddess images. The female form, the human female form, has got to be, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful creation, along with horses, wings (winged things). I never tire of looking at female … Continue reading